NMU School of Art, Design producing face shields for local healthcare providers

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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Rather than waiting for there to be a need for protective face shields for local healthcare professionals, Northern Michigan University’s School of Art and Design is getting started.

This all happening after NMU’s Art and Design's faculty and staff volunteered to fund the project.

"What we're currently involved in is producing a series of face shields for the medical industry, preparing for what might be coming towards the Upper Peninsula, and hopefully preventing any kind of further spread with the people who will be helping treat these cases of COVID-19,” said NMU Human-Centered Design Professor, Peter Pless.

To protect local health care providers against the evolving virus, this machine is starting the production of 3D printed face shields.

"The process begins with 3D printing these components on this platform, and each of these is a visor that will be used. They have tabs that will be used and adhered to create a shield, said Pless.

The school agreed on this idea after realizing a lot of people from the UP are already taking similar measures.

"We have the materials, we have the capabilities of doing it and just being able to produce as much as we possibly can," explained Pless.

Pless hopes to have 35 face shields sent to UP Health System Marquette Friday, and more materials arriving as well, to produce as many as 300 face shields in the next batch.