NMU, MTU offering deals on university gear for Saturday's WCHA Championship game

MARQUETTE & HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Whether you're a Wildcat or a Husky fan, each school wants you to get the latest gear for Saturday's hockey game.

"Everything that's white in the bookstore is 20% off for spirit clothing, we've also got a special on Under Armour and Nike apparel, those are 25% off all week," said Paul Wright, Manager at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Northern Michigan University. "We've also got a really big clearance area because we're getting ready to move the book store away so our clearance area is 50% off the lowest price."

"We have the away jersey, we usually have several options for jerseys throughout the normal season but toward the end of the year everything is sold out and we're down to those," said Shane Sullivan, Manager of Merchandising Operations at the bookstore at Michigan Technological University. "We have T-shirts and then we have some wicking T-shirts available as well as hoodies also many options for ball caps."

After Saturday's game, whichever school comes out victorious will have WCHA gear printed up. For now they're both just basking in the excitement leading up to the game.

"It's important to generate excitement for the team and for the university and make sure that everybody comes together and gets in the spirit and comes together as a community to support the team and hopefully cheer the team on to the NCAA Playoffs," said Wright.

For any Husky fans hoping to be super authentic, University Images has got you covered.

"[What] we have is the team wear hoodie, this is what the hockey team orders and then anything that is not used for the team comes to the campus store," said Sullivan.

And for any Northern fans who may be a little late on the draw getting your gear, the bookstore has got your back.

"We'll be selling merchandise at the game we'll be set up prior to the start of the game and then we'll continue right on through as long as people wanna buy gear from us," said Wright.

Regardless of which school's colors you'll be sporting, the Wildcats and Huskies will face off at the Berry Events Center Saturday, March 17 at 7 pm and on FOX UP.

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