NMU Education Access Initiative moving along quickly

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Tuesday the Marquette County Board got an update on Northern Michigan University's Education Access Initiative. NMU President Fritz Erickson addressed commissioners during privileged comment.

He explained the technology uses the existing LTE network to provide internet access for on-line classes and research opportunities and it replaces the old WiiMax system. NMU is also working on creating partnerships with school districts to allow them to offer access to their k-12 students for a small fee.

"We have great partnerships with the county and we want to make sure they're aware of what I think is one of the most innovative systems in the country," said Erickson. "We're a community of cooperation, what we don't want to see is kids limited in their educational opportunities because they don't have access to the internet."

NMU is working to take its Educational Access Initiative across the Upper Peninsula.