NICE Community Schools introduces Cybercitizenship program

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 4:23 PM EST
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NICE Community Schools' students can expect to see more cybersecurity exploration in their school's curriculum in the near future.

"I'm very excited for it because I do like learning new things, and I like being a part of that atmosphere in the cybersecurity and on computers,” said Westwood High School junior, Chloe Grochowski.

Students say the new curriculum will benefit them in many ways by giving them an opportunity to gain leadership skills and even challenging their mind.

"Leadership is a big part of it, working in teams and in groups and collaborating with people to solve problems in the cyber realm is huge now, and that will really help me advance in my future,” explained Grochowski.

Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine says the school district and Northern Michigan University are currently writing curriculum to create cybersecurity lessons for NICE kindergarten through 12th grade students.

"We're going to develop a badging system, so that when colleges or universities or industry professionals look at the students documents, it will stand for something,” said DeAugustine.

DeAugustine hopes 100 percent of students will receive a cybersecurity citizenship badge before leaving the eighth grade.

"Then, 50 percent of our kids will have a second badge that we're currently developing, and then 10 percent of our kids who are very interested in cybersecurity will leave with a third badge that might allow them to sit with some industry tests and get some certifications prior to leaving high school,” he explained.

The new curriculum is still in the works between NICE Community Schools and NMU.

But DeAugustine says they're excited to expose students to this field of opportunities.

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