Munising restaurants prepare for Friday's reopening

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MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - Two restaurant owners in Munising expressed anxious feelings Thursday as they prepare to reopen their doors for dine-in seating Friday.

"It's nice to get back into the community, and see our customers,” said Taco Primo owner, Amie Nolan.

"We are definitely going to be careful, and we're going to take lots of precautions to protect our employees and our guests,” said Falling Rocks Café and Bookstore owner, Nancy Dwyer.

At Taco Primo, Nolan says customers will not be allowed to sit inside to eat.

Instead, the restaurant is providing outdoor dining where the tables will be six feet apart from each other to follow social distancing rules.

"It does cut our seating capacity 50%, but with that we have all of our plexiglass, tape, extra sanitizer and masks all ready to go,” said Nolan.

Meanwhile, at Falling Rocks Cafe, the owner plans to block off the tables and not provide chairs to make sure everyone is six feet apart in their restaurant.

"We have designated every other table as a seating area so that there maintains distance between the tables,” explained Dwyer.

The cafe is also taking similar precautions as Taco Primo with plexiglass in front of the registers, and making sure employees are wearing masks.

"We know we're going to do more adapting, and we're ready for that,” said Dwyer.

Both restaurant owners understand there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, but they reassure they're committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who enters.