Mt. Dew apologizes to Upper Peninsula, promises special edition UP label

After mislabeling the Upper Peninsula as part of Wisconsin, Mountain Dew is promising to release a special Upper Peninsula label.

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - After mislabeling the Upper Peninsula as part of Wisconsin on its DEWnited map, Mountain Dew promises to make good by creating a special U.P. label.

In a recent ad campaign, the soft drink company posted a picture of a map of the U.S. that had Michigan's Upper Peninsula colored the same as Wisconsin-- not as part of Michigan.

And Yoopers were quick to point out the (typical) flaw!

Twitter account @UpperPeninsula tweeted, "I AM NOT WISCONSIN. Fix this, or send a free case to all my residents. Your call."

Others brought up the viral TickPick "Yooper Blooper" incident from the summer of 2017. (See the related stories on this page for a reminder.)

But on Wednesday, July 10, Mountain Dew heard the complaints and tweeted out an apology:

"Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we’re sorry for misplacing you on our #DEWnited map. Give us a chance to right our wrong. Help us fill this special edition label by telling us all of the things you love about the Upper Peninsula (note to self: located in MICHIGAN)."

There's no word yet on when the special edition labels can be found in stores or what exactly the final product will look like. But it looks like Yoopers seems pleased that Mt. Dew is dew-ing the right thing and righting a wrong!

You can read the full Twitter thread on the WLUC TV6 & FOX UP account here.

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