MooseWood Nature Center hosts Presque Isle Park clean-up

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:56 PM EDT
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Here's a way for outdoor enthusiasts to get some good exercise while giving back to nature.

Every other Saturday, volunteers meet at MooseWood Nature Center to help preserve Presque Isle Park.

Armed only with garbage bags, the group walks the two-mile loop picking up litter along the way.

Volunteer and member of the Board of Directors at MooseWood Nature Center, Eric Johnson says despite the presence of numerous garbage cans, the nearly endless parade of vehicles in the summertime still somehow generates unwanted debris and garbage.

"It’s still surprising that there's cans and bottles and papers and rubber gloves and even masks. There's no smoking on the island ironically but we're also picking up a lot of cigarette butts,” Johnson asserted.

Johnson says all that unwanted trash creates an unsightly landscape and can be harmful to wildlife on the island.

“There's a lot to see and a lot to do. But just as I would expect myself or anybody that lives here, just respect the area. Come, enjoy the nature center. Take a walk on the island but try your best not to leave a footprint. Pick up behind yourself and treat everything with a little bit of respect,” Johnson announced.

The group will meet every other Saturday starting at 3 PM EDT for the entire summer. The clean-up will be canceled in the event of bad weather.

Johnson says the Presque Isle clean-up is ideal for any gender scout groups or anyone with the goal of fulfilling community service hours.

MooseWood Nature Center is also still accepting recyclables in order to keep various programs, presentations and events going.

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