Mind, Body and Soul seminar at Island Resort

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HARRIS, Mich. (WLUC) - Wednesday the mind, body and soul seminar took place at the Island Resort.
The seminar was sponsored by Marinette and Menominee respite care with the idea of bringing people together with agencies and vendors that can make their lives better.

Lori LaCasse is the executive director of respite care. She want people to gain some knowledge at the event.

"I hope they walk away with a little bit of education about what the UP actually has to offer. The different vendors that are around. They might not be right in their neighborhood but they are accessible to them."

Among the organizations in attendance was Public Health of Delta and Menominee counties was on hand to help people learn more about the threat of lead. While it's definitely recommended that you test your water for lead many people don't know what to do if they find lead in their home. Erin Kiraly of Public Health has an answer.

"You can call the public health department. We have a lead case manager and she will instruct you. She will come out and will try to figure out where the stuff is coming from. After that we can try to eliminate the source."

Another area of emphasis was on volunteer opportunities for seniors to stay active. Several programs, like foster grandparents, are available through the community action agency. Allison Derouin is the head of the RSVP program.

"My program takes 55 or better seniors and places them in volunteer sites in Delta, Menominee and Schoolcraft counties. We do have some volunteers who do respite care. We have volunteers that do our reading buddies program."

Participating in these program can have a life changing effect on both seniors as well as those they help. For the seniors, keep their minds and bodies active helps to keep illness from becoming a problem.

"I've heard across the board from our volunteers that volunteering within the community, knowing that they are making a difference. Know they are helping. It's help them get out of bed everyday."

And then there were things to learn about that are both good for you and feel great. Nicole Twork is a certified reflexologist and Reiki Master.

"What reflexology does is it reduces tension and increases circulation in the body. When you remove physiological stress from the body then the body does what it's meant to do and that is to heal itself."

And who can't use a good dose of healing like that?

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