Michiganders celebrate state's apple agriculture

Published: Oct. 13, 2016 at 4:48 PM EDT
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Michiganders celebrated Thursday as Apple Crunch Day. It's the third year the U.P. is involved in the nationwide event celebrating agricultural heritage.

All across the state, close to half a million people crunched locally grown apples at noon.

The day gives a chance for locals to understand where our food supply comes from and introduces the concept of pushing locally grown foods.

"It originally started in school systems and since expanded to also be in businesses and community organizations," said Marquette Co-Op Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Monte. "The idea being the parents can eat the apple at work, the kids are eating the apple at school. Then, they're getting together to talk about local agriculture when they come home at night."

Michigan holds the second-most diverse agriculture in the U.S. Public school systems across Marquette County participated in the annual apple crunch.

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