Michigan students urged to pedal in for Bike to School Day

LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - Thousands of Michigan students from more than 200 schools, along with their parents, teachers, and community leaders, will join students around the country for Bike to School Day (B2SD) on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Organized by Michigan Fitness Foundation’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program staff in conjunction with Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), this day celebrates the benefits of cycling.

“Michigan Fitness Foundation gets people moving across the state,” said Mike Kapp, Administrator for MDOT’s Office of Economic Development. “When families have safe routes to travel, they can incorporate more physical activity into their daily commute, whether to school, work or for fun. By having a day dedicated to biking to school, we can show families what’s possible in their community.”

B2SD is growing across the state. Detroit Public Schools has added a new component to the day by including the Detroit Fitness Foundations’ Lexus Velodrome in the action. Students will partake in a bike rodeo, helmet fittings, bike safety and track demonstrations at the Midwest's only indoor Velodrome.

“It is exciting to see how communities embrace this event to encourage healthy habits, neighborhood safety and build a sense of community,” said Katie Alexander, program director for Safe Routes to School. “This event can help students get the daily physical activity they need, and learn safe biking skills. And, riding a bike is just plain fun!”

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement—and now a federal program—to make it safe, convenient, and fun for children, including those with disabilities, to bicycle and walk to school. SRTS initiatives also help ease traffic jams and air pollution, unite neighborhoods, and contribute to students’ readiness to learn in school.

To learn more about B2SD, visit https://michiganfitness.org/events/school-events/bike-to-school-day/.

About Michigan Fitness Foundation
The mission of the Michigan Fitness Foundation is to inspire active lifestyles and healthy food choices through education, environmental change, community events, and policy leadership.

About Michigan Department of Transportation
Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for planning, designing, and operating streets, highways, bridges, transit systems, airports, railroads, and ports.

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is supported by Federal transportation funds designated by Congress for specific activities that enhance the intermodal transportation system and provide safe alternative transportation options. Through SRTS, communities can stage a wide variety of projects and activities from building safer street crossings to establishing programs that encourage and educate children and their parents to safely walk and bicycle to school, which results in healthier kids and healthier communities.

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