Michigan quarter to be presented Wednesday in Munising

Published: Feb. 5, 2018 at 7:39 PM EST
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One of Munising's rock formations has been chosen to be on the back of the Michigan state quarter, and that quarter is officially being released this week.

On Wednesday, the new Michigan state quarter will be presented as part of the America The Beautiful Quarters program by the U.S. Mint.

Since 2010, five state quarters have been released each year, with each state and territory represented. Michigan's quarter just happens to feature part of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

"Chapel Rock is really neatly carved formation. There's sandstone, there's holes in it. It's really a beautiful rock in itself the way it's been carved. Also really special about Chapel Rock, there's a white pine tree growing on top of it," describes Susan Reece, Chief of Interpretation and Education of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The National Park Service has worked with the U.S. Mint for the last year, where they chose Chapel Rock out of 12 different designs.

"When we were working with the Mint on that, they were asking us, 'Is that little piece needed?' And we were like, 'Yes! That's the whole big deal having that little root sticking out,' so it's really neat," explains Reece.

To present the quarter, the U.S. Treasury, U.S. Mint, and Pictured Rocks personnel will be holding a 30 minute event at the Munising Mather Elementary School at 10 a.m., that will include speakers and a presentation. Anyone is welcome to attend, free of charge. A number of representatives around the state will be in attendance, as well as the elementary and middle school students. The Munising High School concert choir will be providing music for the event.

"The concluding event is actually a coin pour where the Superintendent, Mark Landry, Tim Williams, they'll pour coins into a bowl as sort of the official launch of the quarter, and it's actually a Munising Woodenware bowl so it's kind of a neat tie in right back to the community," says Reece.

Each child 18 and under in attendance will receive a new Michigan quarter at the end of the program. In addition, people will also be able to buy rolls of quarters provided by Peoples State Bank.

"I said to my friends and stuff, 'How many times do you live in a place that is on the back of the quarter?'" I mean not very often, so it's an exciting thing for Munising and for Alger County and the park and everything," says Kathy Reynolds, Executive Director of Alger County Chamber of Commerce and Munising DDA.

"It's really a great honor for us to be on the Michigan quarter, so I think it's great for Pictured Rocks, Munising, Grand Marais and the U.P.," says Reece with a smile.

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