Michigan Tech holds first Computing Week

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 6:26 PM EDT
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The college of computing set up in the Rosza Center on Michigan Tech's campus Thursday to introduce themselves.

"We're really excited this week, for the College of Computing we launched Computing Week to sort of be able to open the curtain and show what's inside and what we've accomplished since this summer," said Adrienne Minerick, the Dean of the College of Computing.

There were a variety of events this week showing off research and student projects. There was also a presentation from a notable alumni.

"We featured one of our prominent alumnus, Dave House, who retired from Intel and has done a variety of things. He spoke an awful lot about the fourth industrial revolution and how that's changing the landscape and ecosystem our students are going to work in," added Minerick.

One of the goals of the week is to raise awareness of the new college and highlight how it will contribute to Michigan Tech's reputation.

"It's really going to raise our visibility nationally and internationally in the computing community, and that's going to do wonders for our students and faculty both in research and education," said Tim Havens, the Director of Michigan Tech’s Institute of Computing and Cyber Systems.

While still in its inaugural year, the college of computing is looking for ways to get students from all backgrounds the tech industry training they need to succeed.

"Even if they've done absolutely nothing in their K through 12 related to any coding, we have a program in place for those students, and they'll graduate competitive in the job marketplace," said Minerick.