Michigan Tech begins work on Winter Carnival statues

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Fraternities at Michigan Tech began work on their Winter Carnival snow sculptures Friday. Members of Phi Kappa Tau have already begun laying the base for their statue.

Phi Kappa Tau has won 10 of the last 12 years with their snowy creations. This year, they're planning to build an upside down school bus. If that wasn't enough, it'll also be on fire. Students have until February 8 to complete their sculptures.

Members of Phi Kappa Tau say they have their work cut out for them.

“It's a big tradition for me. Looking at all the statues we've made in years past,” said Juergen Steupert, Statue Chairman for Phi Kappa Tau. “There's so much bonding that comes out like 2, 3, 4 in the morning. Having it be negative however many degrees and you're out here with 10 other dudes working your butts off. It's pretty amazing.”

This year's Winter Carnival runs from February 6 to 9 and is organized by the Blue Key National Honor Society.

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