Michigan State Police to open Manistique outpost later in January

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MANISTIQUE, Mich. (WLUC) - Manistique is going to see more blue around town.

Later in this January, Michigan State Police will re-open the Manistique post, but this time as an outpost.

"This enables us to assign troopers specifically to that outpost, and we are redefining post boundaries so the Manistique outpost will be responsible for law enforcement duties in Schoolcraft County," said Capt. John Halpin, Michigan State Police Eighth District commander.

This major change comes after the original Manistique post closed back in 2011 as part of the department’s reorganization.

For the past eight years, Manistique served as a detachment office of the MSP St. Ignace post.

"It was really difficult to get troopers to cover this area, just because of the distance, it's 90 miles away so we had difficulties here sending troopers here on a consistent basis," said Michigan State Police Sergeant Mark Giannunzio.

"We were still there but doing our job from afar now we are moving back into the community," added Halpin.

This will be the first outpost in the state and will be overseen by the leadership of the Gladstone post.

"The post won’t be open for the general public, but when there is a Sergeant there, people can stop in and ask questions," said Halpin.

Sgt. Giannunzio and one other trooper have already been assigned to the outpost.

MSP hopes to have up to seven troopers eventually.

"It’s going to take a little bit of time. We ask for some patience, but eventually in the coming months, we are going to have a full staff here," said Giannunzio. "There is going to be 24-hour coverage, the community is going to see it. They’ve been asking for it and this community deserves it and needs it."

The new outpost is set to open on or around January 27.

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