Michigan DNR Weekly Fishing Report: April 11, 2019

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WLUC) - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released their weekly fishing report for the Upper Peninsula, along with a new fishing tip.

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers should stay off the ice. The shoreline ice is very weak and getting worse every day. The South Entry and Traverse Bay still have ice at the boat launch. When Traverse Bay does open-up, anglers will still have problems getting out due to stamp sand blowing and closing the river.

Marquette: Pack ice had blown into the Upper Harbor which prevented anglers from launching boats. The rivers seem to be picking up slightly but were still slow overall. A couple anglers were fishing near the mouth of the Dead River. A few Menominee, splake and steelhead were caught at the mouth of the Carp River, but most anglers were leaving with no fish.

Chocolay River: Fishing was slow with only a couple steelhead or brown trout caught near the M-28 Bridge and down near the mouth. Most were floating spawn bags. Quite a few anglers were out however only a few caught fish.

Little Bay De Noc: This will most likely be the last week of ice fishing. The shoreline ice in the northern bay is getting worse making it difficult to get out. Perch anglers had fair to good reports from the Day’s River to the Second Reef with minnows and wigglers in 18 to 30 feet. The

Whitefish, Tacoosh, Rapid, Day’s and parts of the Ford River are all open water.
Au Train: Anglers were targeting coho near shore only as ice conditions were not good and will only get worse. Anglers were out from the boat launch, Au Train River and the roadside park at Scott Falls.

Munising: Still had ice in the bay but it is starting to break up. Murray Bay had a lot of slush and water. Holes were opening-up near the west channel and Powell Point. The Anna River mouth is somewhat open. There are some open areas where anglers can fish from the pier.

Grand Marais: Had no anglers. Pack ice is present within the harbor and beyond the breakwall the lake ice is breaking up. Ice fishing is no longer possible. Pier fishing is limited to the beginning of the pier because of ice on the walkway. The Sucker River is open upstream but limited down near the mouth because of ice.

Manistique River: Steelhead fishing is just getting started. Anglers reported steelhead and brown trout from the dam south to Dewey’s Bass Hole and over to the high dam spill over. Most were casting spawn bags or Berkley honey worms. The boat launch is open however you do have to watch for floating ice.

Detour: The boat launch at the marina was still covered with snow. There was no place to launch a boat in Detour Village.

Cedarville and Hessel: The boat launch at Cedarville was closed due to snow and ice. Perch were slowly starting to show signs of moving into the shallows to start spawning. Try small minnows or wax worms just off the cattails and weed beds in Cedarville Bay. The Hessel boat launch was still covered in ice and snow. Ice anglers are beginning to target splake in Hessel Bay but catch rates were slow. A couple fish were taken just off the bottom in 12 feet east of the marina. The yellow perch bite was fair to good in the early morning with both live and artificial wax worms. Bigger fish were caught one mile east of the marina in Berkley Bay when slow jigging with wax worms in eight feet. Be sure to use caution. The ice is now pulling away from Cube Pointe and there is open water straight south of the Hessel pier.

Fishing Tip: Spring is a great time for targeting steelhead

The month of April is often a perfect time to fish for steelhead in Michigan’s rivers. Did you know our state is thought to offer some of the best steelhead fishing in the country?

A variety of techniques can be used to fish for this aggressive species; including live bait, artificial lures and flies. Rivers across Michigan provide access for steelhead fishing. Some better-known rivers include the Betsie, Grand, Little Manistee, Manistee, Manistique, Pere Marquette and St. Joseph rivers in the Lake Michigan watershed; the Au Sable River in the Lake Huron watershed; the Huron River in the Lake Erie watershed; and the Huron and Two Hearted rivers in the Lake Superior watershed.

Want more information on steelhead fishing in Michigan? Visit their page on the DNR’s website.

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