Messy Friday snow aftermath

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - If you looked outside your window earlier Friday morning, you couldn't help but notice the package Mother Nature delivered.

Luckily, the roads have been cleared thanks to the Marquette County Road Commission. But it was still a mess for people to clean up back at their homes.

"Well April's snow showers bring June flowers, I guess,” said Joe Rom, a Marquette resident shoveling snow.

Mixed feelings have been shared about Friday's snowstorm. Some people are absolutely fed up with it and are ready to see it go, while others are happy to see it on the ground.

"I think it's fantastic,” exclaimed Rom. “What else do we expect in April? It's the cruelest month around here, and you better not get too comfortable with spring because it's still winter around here."

Since Rom had an early meeting Friday morning, he was only able to accomplish a partial shovel to make it on time.

But, when he returned, he hit the ground running and completed the job he started to avoid cleaning up wet and heavy snow.

"It's a great workout, you know in the winter sometimes people stay inside too much so get out there using the scoop, using the shovel and just keep it moving. You have to keep it moving these days,” explained Rom.

But this Marquette resident had something different to say.

"I'm just so done with it,” said Holly Kreag, a Marquette resident shoveling snow.

Kreag moved from Ann Arbor, a city located in the Lower Peninsula, to the Upper Peninsula about two and a half years ago.

She's been receiving messages from her friends about all the nice, warm spring weather they've been having, while she's here in Marquette to deal with this.

Then again, Kreag says if this is the only bad part, then she'll definitely stick it out.

"Marquette is a beautiful place, and it does have a lot of strengths and we wouldn't be up here otherwise. But if winter is the worst part of the whole thing, then we really can't complain,” she said.

However, in the meantime, both residents say they will patiently wait for spring's arrival.

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