Meet the 906 Adventure Team

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Did you know Marquette County has a high school mountain biking team? Well, they do and they're doing really well.

It's called the 906 Adventure Team. The team is made up of about 30 6-12th graders from Marquette county. Last year, their first year, they only had bout 15 cyclists. They compete in races in Wisconsin nearly every weekend. Currently they're ranked fifth out of 43 teams.

All coaches are nationally certified. They provide encouragement, tips and ways to improve the riders times. The coaches say it's not about competing against others, it's about challenging themselves to do better.

"I tell the kids when they go up and look at the results posted after each race, that result next to their name, whatever that result is, is 100 percent theirs," said 906 Adventure Team Head Coach Todd Poquette. "It's a team unit comprised of individual efforts."

"I like it because here we're all like a family and we all like to do thet same thing, I love mountain biking," said Alexis Hammerstrom, one of the 906 Adventure Team members.

The team is also made up of about 30 percent young women. October 21-22 they'll be headed to compete in the state finals in Wisconson. You can find more information on the 906 adventure team by clicking the related link on this page.