Meal prep: Planning can help maintain a healthy diet

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Maintaining a healthy diet can sometimes be challenging, but health experts are recommending an easier way to prepare your meals. Imagine having your breakfast and lunches already prepared for the week ahead. Well, that’s what personal wellness coach, Lisa Liimatta, and her clients do.

It’s called “meal prep” and Liimatta said it’s a trending way to stay fit. Meal prepping is having you meals cooked, kept in the fridge and available as soon as you’re ready to eat.

“So, what’s great about it, is people don’t get hungry,” said Liimatta. “It keeps your energy stable. It keeps your blood sugar levels stable, throughout the day.”

It also saves you time in the kitchen and most importantly helps keep your healthy eating on track. To start, cook your food at the beginning of the week. Then, divide it into plastic containers, creating portions for each day.

“For my salads, I use a little bit of a bigger container so that you can have more of your healthy vegetables and then with my proteins. I typically grab a container about this size and that’s usually about a serving size,” said Liimatta.

The idea of meal prepping might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but they’re ways to make it easy and affordable.

“Most of us, we live on budget. We don’t have that much and we don’t spend that much on food and we don’t want to, so let’s plan ahead of time,” said Kelsae Fitzpatrick, a dietician with U.P. Health System – Portage.

Planning ahead means sticking to your shopping list when entering the grocery store and to not get side-tracked when you see a box of Oreos, but rather buy a healthy snack like a bag of carrots.

Although meal prepping comes with discipline, it can also come with creativity when putting your meals together. Whether you’re an athlete, a person that’s trying to lose weight, or just planning to maintain a healthy lifestyle, anyone can meal prep.

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