McBroom to continue Senate campaign after brother's tragic death

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 2:25 PM EDT
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Former Representative and current 38th Senate candidate Ed McBroom announced his intention to continue his senate campaign after the tragic death of his brother Carl in an auto accident on July 7.

"First, I want to thank the people of the U.P. for the amazing outpouring of support for my family, especially my sister-in-law, Susan, and me after Carl's passing," McBroom said. "We have been overwhelmed with the incredible kindness shown to us with help on the farm, messages of support, and gifts to my brother's wife and children. God's goodness and comfort is being showered on us as He uses all the wonderful people of the area."

Ed and Carl have dairy farmed together from childhood and have grown their farm to milk over 150 cows recently. Carl was teaching welding and auto body classes until Ed ran for the State House in 2010.

He was then farming full-time, specializing in the mechanical and equipment aspects of the farm, but really touching every aspect of the operation. He was also a second father to Ed's children when Ed was serving the Upper Peninsula in Lansing or around the U.P.

"Carl made it possible for me to serve by his sacrifice since 2010," McBroom recalled. "He did this because he believed in me and that my service protected both our dairy farm and family way of life, along with working to protect the way of life that makes the U.P. so special.”

Along with the farm, Carl and Susan have seven children with another due this fall, and Ed and his wife, Sarah, have five children. The children were the focus on whether Ed should continue the race. "Both Sarah and Susan, our families and so many others have encouraged me to continue," said McBroom. "After much conversation, reflection and especially prayer, we came to the realization that with the children getting older they can still thrive as I serve, and seek to protect the future Carl and I wanted for our children. Carl was committed to Christ, family, others, our farm, and country; we believe he would want me to continue serving to protect those values."

State Senate Tom Casperson, who has endorsed McBroom, was excited to hear the news. “While this was certainly a difficult decision, I believe, knowing Ed and his extended family, that this was the right decision, not only for Ed’s family most importantly, but also for the people of the Upper Peninsula. Ed is uniquely qualified to carry on the critical work that remains for the U.P., and fight for our way of life in the U.P.”