Marquette woman trying to take "Spread Goodness Day" campaign to global level

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - One woman in the Upper Peninsula is trying to make a global difference, just by being kind.

Anna Dravland, a marketing and event director for Travel Marquette, began a “spread goodness” campaign. Dravland is very involved in the community and volunteering, so this campaign is just one of the many things she does to help others. Just as her campaign was starting to gain steam, she suffered a very rare stroke and is now on the road to recovery in the hospital.

"Goodness, that's what she is, that's what she wants. Even in her state now, that's all she wants is to see this happen and people become engaged and kind. Her passion is kindness in some shape or form, and I think that's what she was going for when she created this whole cause," says her good friend, Sarah Tulilla.

Tullila is helping spread the word and really kick start the campaign efforts. "Anna means a lot to me and a lot to this community, she's involved in anything and everything that has the word 'volunteer' or 'community' or 'help', and this is just one small part that we can do to help her to get this up and reach its potential," she says.

While Dravland recovers, social media outlets and her “Spread Goodness” website are the main means of getting this cause to the global scale. The goal of the campaign is to record one million acts of kindness globally on March 9, 2018, in an event called Spread Goodness Day. "Kindness is in every shape and form. We just want to see all those little moments and big moments and try to put them all into one day so we can write them down and check them off," states Tullila.

To get involved in the campaign, you can email Dravland at, and visit her website at and social media sites.
Facebook: Spread Goodness
Instagram: @spreadgoodnessday
Twitter: @SpreadGoodness1
On March 9, you can tag your act of kindness on any of these platforms and use #spreadgoodnessday.

"Just get out and do. One minute, two minute, half an hour out of your day to do something kind that could change somebody's life for the better. You can't put a timestamp or a price tag on that kind of thing," says Tulilla, "Not only do we want to do this for Anna, not only do we believe in this cause, we want to do something as big as Anna, but we're not Anna. So this is us stepping up to show her that her kindness has mattered, it still matters, and she is making a difference even though she can't be here to do that, and that's huge."