Marquette to begin taking applications for recreational marijuana licenses

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 9:15 PM EST
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The Marquette City Commission voted nearly unanimously to approve land development code amendments under ordinance #688 on Monday.

The five to one vote comes after the amendments were written and suggested by the planning commission.

A public hearing was held before the vote, with only one community member speaking out.

Those amendments outline the sections in the city where recreational marijuana establishments can be built - one of the final steps in allowing recreational marijuana sales in the city.

The zoning creates buffer zones around specific pre-existing organizations or businesses.

"It takes into account the buffer areas that have been established by the commission, that surround, for example, the schools, churches and rehab facilities," says City Manager Mike Angeli.

Commissioner Andrew Lorinser motioned to have the commission and city staff revisit the approved zoning in one year, to see if any changes should be made to the land use code. That motion was unanimously approved.

Now, interested parties may begin applying for adult use recreational marijuana licenses beginning on March 1, 2020.

Sales may begin after those licenses are distributed.

Each municipal license given out will have a fee of $5,000, as voted on by the city commission on Monday night.

The entire land development code and amendments voted on may be found

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