Marquette passes new city park traffic ordinance for Presque Isle

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- The Marquette City Commission adopted a new city park traffic ordinance at Monday night’s meeting.

This will affect all parks in Marquette but is aimed specifically at Presque Isle.

Presque Isle is a popular destination especially now that the summer season is underway, but the park has been experiencing traffic issues because of parking.

According to Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli, there are already a few signed areas in the park.

"The problem we've been having is that the parkers will move around the corner, down the street to where there is no signs and park,” said Angeli.

The Marquette City Commission held a public hearing during Monday night’s meeting to discuss the new ordinance, which will hopefully fix the issue.

“Ask the commission to approve an ordinance that allows us to put a sign at the entrance to the park that defines the rules,” explains Angeli.

The one sign at the entrance will avoid having to put more signs all over the island and cluttering the drive.

City officials are hoping this will clear up the problem of people parking where they are not supposed to be parking.

It will also allow the police department and the park patrol to issue parking tickets.

"We will tell you where you can park and if you are parked in any other place but those areas, you will be ticketed even though that area might not have a sign saying you can't park there," said Angeli.

This ordinance passed Monday night with a vote of 5-0 and includes all parks in Marquette.

"We’ll do the similar signage at all of our parks but it is primarily for Presque Isle because that is where we have the most parking issues,” said Angeli.

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