Marquette organization helping former prisoners re-enter society

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The public was invited to hear how they can help those who have served their time in prison successfully re-enter society.

Great Lakes Recovery Centers held an informational workshop to educate the public and private sectors of Marquette County on what they can do when someone leaves jail or prison to successfully transition into a productive member of society.

The workshop emphasized the need for jobs, for both those leaving the correctional system or battling substance abuse.

"It's actually having an employer take a chance on them. They're really looking for a second chance opportunity, and we're really hoping to connect with the right employers who will give that chance to them," said Offender Success Community Coordinator Jason Sides.

Great Lakes Recovery Center's Offender Success program is a U.P.-wide initiative for re-entry and employment.

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