Marquette makes progress on recreational marijuana draft ordinance

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- The Marquette City Commission decided to place no limits on the number of recreational marijuana establishments in its draft ordinance during the Monday night meeting.

The city held a work session last week to work on a draft ordinance to bring recreational facilities to Marquette, since the city temporarily opted out of recreational marijuana sales back in February.

The goal of Monday's meeting was to determine the number of establishments to add to the draft ordinance.

Residents attended the meeting to voice their support, as well as their concerns over where these businesses will be allowed.

A motion was passed four to three to put no limitations on the number of facilities, with some commissioners saying they want the market to remain fair and competitive.

“But in the end game the market is going to determine how many you have, of what and where they are to some extent,” said Mayor Fred Stonehouse.

Commissioners believe this ordinance is on track to be adopted sometime in October.

The land development code will also be amended to provide more zoning regulations.

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