Marquette elementary school unveils new mural painted by same artist who created the original

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The halls of Sandy Knoll Elementary are more colorful these days with a new mural.

Explore the new mural at Sandy Knoll Elementary created by Elizabeth Yelland.

With an explore theme, the new artwork ties Marquette landmarks in with the pillars of learning at Sandy Knoll.

Local artist Elizabeth Yelland spent the month of August painting over her previous space shuttle mural.

Staff and students are very happy with the finished product.

Sandy Knoll Elementary Principal Kevin Hooper says, "Our students are the Sandy Knoll Explorers and what they do is explore. This mural has history, innovations, community, resources and of course their future."

Principal Hooper appreciates the magnifying glass titled future with the sun rising. He said it represents a new day and the students' futures.

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