Marquette declares June Pride Month, announces new hotel

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The city of Marquette is moving forward with a number of projects, as well as celebrating diversity. Monday night, the city of Marquette officially declared June as Pride Month.

Pride Month originally began as a national commemoration of the Stonewall Riots in New York in June of 1969. Those events helped spark the LGBTQIA+ Rights movement.

U.P. Rainbow Pride requested that the city of Marquette recognize pride month, and the commission unanimously approved that request Monday night.

“As far as the wider community too, we are a diverse community and we all come together and we have to learn to get along,” said Marquette resident Susie Swanson. “We are in this together, thank you.”

The City Commission felt it was important to adopt the proclamation, and continue to foster a spirit of inclusivity in Marquette.

"The value to the Pride declaration that the city passed was really very clearing stating with a loud and hopefully powerful voice that we value everybody, we value diversity, and we value our entire community and every member of it," said Mayor Fred Stonehouse.

Also on Monday’s agenda, the sale of Founder's Landing Parcel 2. For $660,000, Parcel 2 parts B and C were sold to a group that will be building a Fairfield Hotel.

"Having another hotel in the city of Marquette is important because it provides another lodging opportunity for our visitors," said Stonehouse.

They plan to get to begin construction as soon as possible. Parcel 2 part A hasn't sold yet, but the developer is hoping to build townhomes in that area.

"The due diligence period for that ends later this summer, and we hope to have that property nailed down by then," said city manager Mike Angeli.

The commission also awarded Associated Contractors LLC with a contract to rebuild Presque Isle Marina.

“It is not being built out to the extent that it was previously, but it is a first step in creating new docks and new piers," said Angeli.

Angeli added that if enough boaters are interested in the marina after the improvements are made, it is possible and easy for the city to add on. They hope to get to begin work rebuilding as soon as possible.

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