Marquette and Negaunee prepare for new school year

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Kids dread this day and parents often celebrate--the first day of school.

New lockers at Negaunee High School. (WLUC Photo)

The Negaunee and Marquette school districts have had a busy summer getting ready for the students return. Perhaps the biggest challenge for Negaunee Public Schools was returning the buses they leased after their bus garage collapsed this winter, damaging 15 buses inside.

"As far as construction for the bus garage goes, that's currently out on bids right now to contractors who might be interested,” said Dan Skewis, Negaunee Public Schools Superintendent.

The bids are due on Thursday and they are hoping to start construction in September, finishing the project by the end of the calendar year.

Negaunee Schools will be receiving 16 new and used buses for the new school year.

"And that money we ended up taking out of our general fund. But, ironically that's typically what we budget to purchase new buses anyway so we really didn't get much of an impact on our general fund,” continued Skewis.

The school district also had building projects on their agenda this summer, with carpet replacements, a new gym design, and new lower bleachers at Lakeview Elementary School and new carpeting and lockers at Negaunee High School.

"All of those projects are pretty well wrapped up and right now we are resurfacing our track down at our football field and that will be done within the next week."

Marquette schools were also focusing on building updates, including a $250,000 security renovation.

"In today's age, we need to provide as safe environment as we can for our students. So, we had security upgrades in each of our 7 buildings this year,” said Bill Saunders, Marquette Area Schools Superintendent.

The upgrade included changing out the locks and entry doors.

Negaunee Public Schools will be back in session on Tuesday, August 27 and Marquette Area Public Schools are set to begin on Tuesday, September 3.

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