Marquette Women's March draws hundreds of supporters

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - One day after the inauguration, crowds again filled the National Mall in D.C., this time over half a million gathering to take part in the Women's March on Washington. According to a city official, more than 500,000 people showed up on the National Mall for the Women's March, which was double the initial prediction of 200,000.

However, D.C. wasn't the only city marching... Marches happened in more than 200 cities around the U.S., and more than 600 around the world. An estimated 2.5 million people hit the streets, to send a message to President Donald Trump and lawmakers that women and minorities will defend their rights.

One of the 600+ "Sister Marches" taking place Saturday was in downtown Marquette. Hundreds of women, men, and children lined Washington street chanting with signs, to stand in solidarity with those marching in Washington.

Organizers said the march was not meant to be a protest, but rather, a movement.

"It's not a message to any one particular party," said Johanna Bogater, organizer of the Marquette Women's March. "It's a message to all of our leaders on either side of the aisle, that they should take a look at who's out here today because these are the people that are taking action, and they've got two years to figure it out because these are the people that are going to be voting."

Organizers in Marquette said they estimated nearly a thousand people participated over the few hours they were downtown, as over 800 people signed in for the event, with several others never leaving their name. Another Sister March in Houghton saw over 500 participants marching across the Portage Lake Bridge.

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