Marquette Township's commercial business district on rise

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MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette Township’s commercial business district is on the rise.

"In Marquette Township, we've just had a huge amount of growth,” said RE/MAX 1ST Realty Broke Owner, Fran Sevegney.

This growth is evident with this week's $1.3 million sale of part of the former Cenex gas station property on the corner of US-41 and Wright Street to Discount Tire.

"Discount Tire purchased the front couple of acres,” explained Sevegney.

The site's back two acres are under a sale contract, too.

"And then here in the Cornerstone Development Business Park, we recently had over five acres sold and is now being developed,” said Sevegney.

Sevegney couldn't disclose who bought the land at this time, but he and others believe this increase in commercial businesses is very promising for the area.

"It's a great development with a really nice site plan so we're excited to see it,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator, Jason McCarthy.

Last month, the Marquette Township Planning Commission approved the site plan for the 8,192-square-foot Discount Tire building.

The Marquette County Board then approved a brownfield plan for the land last year to clean the site.

"I think it turn it made that sight a more marketable piece than if it was just to be sold with everything still on the site,” said McCarthy.

Places like Westwood Mall are experiencing slow growth, which Sevegney believes is caused from online shopping. However, NORTHIRON Church has purchased JCPenney's old location and plans to set up in the mall.

"So that's kind of neat, just a re-utilization,” he explained.

The new Rose's Dugout at 900 Ontario Ave. is currently hiring employees before it opens as a neighborhood bar and grill in Trowbridge Park.

And Dunkin', also known as Dunkin' Donuts, is set to open on the corner of US-41 and Wright St. in Marquette Township in the new TEAM Wireless building later this year.

Residentially, Sevegney says houses are selling fast, and hopes this will continue with the increase of commercial businesses coming into the area.

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