Marquette Police looking for help with vandalism case

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette City Police are looking for the public's help regarding some vandalism of equipment at the Fit Strip. Police were first made aware of the graffiti in July.

Several signs and pieces of equipment along the Fit Strip have been spray painted, some with the nazi swastika symbol and the letters 'SS' a reference to a nazi paramilitary group. Police say the investigation is ongoing, and there can be some stiff penalties for the crime.

"Graffiti falls under the destruction of property statute so, destruction of property can be anything from a 93 day misdemeanor up to a 10 year felony depending on how expensive the damage is," said Detective Sgt. Mike Archocosky from the Marquette City Police Department. "In the investigations I'm working on, we're going to shoot for a community service provision where they'll go out and clean up their own mess."

If you have any information regarding the vandalism on the Fit Strip, or other graffiti in the city, you can call the Marquette City Police Department at 906-228-0400.

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