Marquette Mountain making big changes for upcoming ski season

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette Mountain's new General Manager, Frank Malette and his staff have been working all summer to make a whole slew of upgrades to the mountain.

"We have a huge amount going on," says Malette.

He says it all started from the need to upgrade the lighting on the hill to an LED system to make it more cost effective and brighter.

"We are going to put a light on the surface of the snow unlike anything anyone has ever seen out here before. And we'll run the lights from dusk until 9:30 every single day of the week," asserted the new Manager.

So when you get off work at 5:00 in the evening you'll still have hours of safe ski time. They’ve also purchased 20 new snow guns that have been precisely tuned for Lake Superior and the Marquette topography.

"They operate much more efficiently. They'll produce much better snow. They’re specifically designed for our mountain and our water source. We draw out of the Carp River into our pond. It’s highly mineralized water which can be harder on the equipment," Malette commented.

There'll also be up to three groomers running.

"So we'll have everything we need to be able to produce and groom really, really good snow surfaces," advertised Malette.

And for the purists, the eastern part of the mountain will be left natural.

"Holy cow, if you like skiing in natural snow, fresh powder, that's going to be just a joy to be in," touted Malette.

You'll also notice reduced pricing on food and beverages in the newly named Carp River Saloon, along with a fresh coat of paint, renovations inside and out along and easier access to the ski hill itself from the road.

On top of all that, you'll notice sharply reduced pricing, especially families and students as well. And lift tickets are a flat, easy $25.

"We cut it right to the bone. We went right as low as we could possibly go and still make enough profit to operate," concluded Malette.

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