Marquette Housing Commission: No timeline for Pine Ridge repairs

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Two weeks after the Pine Ridge Apartments fire, the Marquette Housing Commission has no timeline for when residents can move back in.

Pine Ridge Apartments shortly after the July 30 fire. (WLUC photo)

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, the housing commission said inspections continue on the nine-story building, but residents won't be able to move in until the air ventilation, fire alarm and elevator systems are up and running. There is no timeline for this process. The housing commission says there is no damage to the apartments, however, and the building is structurally sound.

"There are three systems in the building that need to be up and running and until those systems are up and running and we have approval through our local code officials, we will not be able to move back in,” said Marquette Housing Commission Executive Director, Sharon Maki.

A fire started on the roof of the building on July 30. It remains unclear what started the fire, but contractors were working on the roof at the time it started.

The housing commission says between 25 and 40 residents remain at the emergency shelter at Lakeview Arena. Other residents are staying with family and friends, and others have been placed in other apartment buildings around Marquette County.

"We are trying to find housing for people as soon as possible,” Maki said.

Pine Ridge residents were able to clarity on some issues during the meeting, such as how August rent will work. Maki said that residents staying in temporary apartments will pay a pro-rated rent.

"There were three different people in authority so it was a lot of confusion. That cleared it up. Sharon said, and Sharon had said that to me all along, but other things were being said so that cleared that up,” said Pine Ridge Resident Council President, Sheri Kromberg.

Kromberg added that she felt the meeting helped clarify many issues, and that she believes it is a step in the right direction, but that she was hoping to get some sort of estimate for when residents can return home.

"People really would like a little more. Are we looking at two weeks, are we looking at months, you know, that would be really helpful for a lot of people,” Kromberg said.

The complex, located at located at 316 Pine Street, holds 140 income-based apartments. This is a developing story. TV6 and FOX UP will continue to give updates as they become available.

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