Marquette History Center holds the Docks of Iron Bay Walking Tour

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette Regional History Center hosted a new walking tour this evening. This one focused on the docks of Marquette.

Jim Koski led the large group through the tour which looked at the cities ore docks, coal docks and freight docks. The tour also focused on the transformation of the harbor from an industrial area to recreational area with it's current parks.

"When the walk is done I hope people are able to leave with two things, one is an appreciation of the history of Marquette and the history of Lower Harbor and I also hope they'll walk away with an appreciation of all the little things they might not have known, all the little things that they walk past every day and may never have noticed," said Jim Koski, Historian for the MRHC.

The history center is celebrating 100 years this year. Thursday July 12 their popular historical bus tours begin.