Marquette Food Co-op offers natural bug repellent products

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's the time of year we love for its sun and warmth but dislike because of all the bugs...

Fortunately, the Marquette Food Co-op offers natural ways for us to fight this problem.

"We have quite a few items to choose from,” said Outreach Director, Sarah Monte.

These natural bug spray repellents can be found as you're walking down their herbals body care aisle.

"We have items that are already ready to go, already pre-mixed, you can put them on exactly out of the bottle as they are,” explained Monte.

They also have options available for people who are interested in making their own mixture.

"For people who want to make their own combination of things, we actually offer all these different essential oils that can be used as a natural bug repellent,” said Monte.

But the best part is their products are deet-free, unlike traditional bug repellent products found at local stores.

"All of the things that we can are 100% essential oil based, so there's none of the chemicals that are associated,” explained Monte.

Instead, Monte says they have something extra special.

"You'll really find a lot of lemon eucalyptus in them which actually studies have found to be just as effective as deet, you just have to reapply more often. The essential oils the different scents that they have repel different creatures and they do so without having something harmful on your skin."

Monte explains this will help people in the long-run, especially in regards to their health.

"It's not just about the food that we eat, but also all the things that we're putting on our body or surrounding ourselves with in our home with, all of that can make a difference to our health too so we want to offer that good quality product to people."

Unfortunately these products aren't available year-round, which is why store directors recommend interested buyers getting supplies while they last.