Marquette Food Co-Op has their own 'Supermarket Sweep'

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette Food Co-Op celebrated Co-Op month with their very own version of the classic game show, Supermarket Sweep.

Throughout the month games and activities at the Co-Op have brought the list of contestants down to two, and Tuesday afternoon those two went on a two-minute sweep of the Co-Op. The contestants had to fill up their carts with items from around the store, seeing who could get a total closest to $250. The winner then got to keep everything in their kart.

“I think for us, the Co-Op exists because we have a mission,” said Co-Op outreach director Sarah Monte. “To bring good food, local food, organic food to the community. Sometimes that can feel a little bit heavy. There's a sense of duty over the importance of our food choices, but you know what? Eating is also just really fun, and we wanted to capture that spirit.”

The winner, with a total of $211 was Katie LeClair. Nathan Mapes came up short with $146.

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