Marquette County Board of Commissioners in support of Enbridge Resolution

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- The Marquette County Board of Commissioners voted in support of the Enbridge Resolution during Tuesday evening’s regular meeting.

Commissioners voted unanimously in support of Enbridge’s proposed tunnel for the Line 5 oil and gas pipeline running through the Straits of Mackinac.

"The Board felt strongly that it's important to the Upper Peninsula, because of our large use of propane in the U.P.” said Gerry Corkin, Marquette County Board Chairman.

This comes after Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel recently filed a lawsuit to shut down Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline due to environmental concerns.

And one resident did voice his concerns about the potential damage if the pipeline ever broke, but others are worried about the negative impact shutting down the pipeline will have on the power supply and economy in U.P. communities.

"Well my biggest concern is that we operate safely and efficiently and we certainly should be trying to not pass an excessive amount of cost onto the user and that's a major concern in my district,” said Joe Derocha, Marquette County Vice Chair.

Corkin says he has not seen any other transportation options that bring in the product any safer or less costly to the people that live here in the U.P.

"We are open to suggestions on how you can do it better, but until we see them we think this is pretty well thought out as far as providing protection to the Great Lakes,” said Corkin.

A number of other Upper Peninsula Counties have also passed this resolution.

Along with the Michigan Association of Counties who has adopted this proposal for their platform for all 83 counties, according to Corkin.

"Pipeline is very important in the lower peninsula particularly to their regional airports and other industries there,” said Corkin.

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners also supported adding an amendment to the resolution.

"The amendment was that they put up a performance bond of $2 billion until they get it built,” said Corkin.

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