Marquette County commissioners sent letter to state about budget cuts

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MARQUETTE COUNTY Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette County Board of Commissioners Chariman, Gerald Corkin, recently sent a letter to the state government regarding budget cuts.

The letter was sent to Governor Gretchen Whitmer; Michigan Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield; and Michigan Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey.

In the letter, Corkin requests all parties involved to work together to resolve budget disagreements.

In the letter, he also said, "If the budget proceeds 'as is,' the loss to Marquette County totals over $800,000 in budget buts. Additionally, the loss to all 15 Upper Peninsula counties is an estimated $6.8 million."

Among many other things, Corkin said, "The most notable impact across the Upper Peninsula is the loss of the Swamp Tax and other PILT tax payments; totaling $5.4 million. The removal of the Swamp Tax and PILT funds are a direct hit to rural areas that already have limited tax revenues."

Corkin reiterates how this loss will affect counties across the U.P., from employee layoffs to eliminations of programs and services.

To conclude, Corkin said, "I strongly urge that both sides assemble to approve a Secondary Budget Amendment(s) which restores all local funding to the current County programs and services."

To view the entire letter, visit the related documents section of this story.

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