Marquette County Sheriff's Office looking for information vehicle thefts and break-in

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette County Sheriff's Department is seeking the public's help. They're looking for information about two stolen vehicles and the LaPalmes break-in, in Arnold.

The department, working with Marquette City Police and Escanaba Public Safety have released footage showing a man stealing a black truck in Marquette. It's believed the subject stole a truck in Escanaba, drove to the LaPalmes Country Corner to commit the breaking and entering.

The stolen property was then loaded into the stolen truck. Later the truck was discovered abandoned and crashed. The sheriff's department is looking for anyone who saw or assisted the subject attempting to get from southern Marquette county to the city of Marquette on Monday July 2.

"We're looking for someone who might have picked up a hitchhiker in southern Marquette County possibly around the Arnold area or southern Gwinn area and they may have drove that person to the city of Marquette," said Detective Lieutenant Lowell Larson from the Marquette County Sheriff's Office. "That first truck that was stolen was crashed in southern Marquette county and then another pick-up was stolen in the city of Marquette later that afternoon."

A person of interest is in custody in the delta county jail. This investigation is on-going.
If anyone has information, they're encouraged to call the sheriff's office at 906-225-8470.