Marquette Republican scrutinized for suggesting 'another Kent State' as solution for campus protests

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MARQUETTE, Mich, (WLUC) - The former chair and current secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party is under scrutiny for posts made on his social media accounts.

Screenshots of social media posts taken by viewers.

Party Secretary Dan Adamini has since deleted one Facebook post and one Tweet. Screenshots of those, which were provided by viewers, can be found below.

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 photo adamini personal fb_zpsqwmhao0x.jpg

Adamini was referring to violent protests that happened on University of California, Berkeley's campus that led authorities to cancel a controversial speech.

When Adamini mentioned "another Kent State", he was talking about the incident that happened on May 4, l970 where members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine Kent State students.

Adamini is also the host of the radio show "In the Right Mind". A post on Adamini's radio host Facebook page relating to the protests is still up.

Adamini said these posts were poorly worded and his intent was not calling for violence against protesters.

"My only goal was to try to let people know that if we can't get a handle on the violence, we might see another really tragic end and we've got to try to stop that," Adamini said.

Marquette County Democratic Party Chair Jason Chapman said no matter the intent, what Adamini said was wrong.

"For an officer of the Marquette County Republican Party and past chair to suggest violence against protesters who are exercising their First Amendment rights is disgusting and inhumane," Chapman said.

After deleting the posts, Adamini tweeted this apology:

This is also posted on his radio host Facebook page:

Adamini has deleted his personal Facebook page.

Read Kent State University's response to Adamini's social media posts here.

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