Marquette City Commission tours roadwork, infrastructure to be repaired

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette City Commission took a bus tour of the roadways and infrastructure sites that need improvement on Tuesday.

"Well I think being able to go out and actually see it for yourself is a lot better than looking at it on paper. You can actually see why we're doing this, you can see the streets," city engineer Keith Whittington says. "They're falling apart."

The group saw a number of sites, from residential streets like Nicolet Blvd. that need repaving, higher traffic areas that have already been treated, and even the intended site of the new roundabout on Wright St.

Additionally, they stopped at the place where the new Lakeshore Blvd. will be.

"As far as the Lakeshore Boulevard relocation, it gave them a really good idea of actually how far back from the lake it's going to be set and actually how high it's going to be elevated," Whittington says.

Whittington says that the most pressing thing is the streets in Marquette that need to be constructed.

"And the city commission is doing a good job of funding that. They can't fund everything but what they do fund we're very appreciative that we can do that and get streets and utilities reconstructed to provide a good service to our residents," Whittington says.

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