Marquette City Commission approves Lighthouse Land Use Plan

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette City Commission voted at their January 29th meeting to approve the Marquette Lighthouse Property Land Use Plan. With the plan, they hope to open the land as a park as possible, hopefully by spring. The plan also gives the city options and directions that they can go to revamp the property and use it. One idea is to use the old Captain's house as a short term rental, the money from which would go into an enterprise fund.

“An enterprise fund is an internal fund we create that means that a facility generates revenue that we then put back into the facility to maintain it or expand it or improve it,” said City Manager Mike Angeli. “We do it with Tourist Park now, the fees that come from Tourist Park goes back into the park for upgrades and improvements. We hope to develop the lighthouse into a similar plan.”

The city also approved the revision to the Ore Dock Bottomlands Agreement with the state of Michigan. The state now needs to approve the revision, if they do, Bot Eco will move forward with their plans to revitalize the former Ore Dock.

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