Marquette Brewing Cooperative unveils official name, future plans

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette Brewing Cooperative held their official name unveiling at their location on South Lake Street Saturday.

Drifa Brewing Company was voted as the most popular name among nearly 200 submissions.

Board member, Paul Wright says Drifa is a Norse word which translates to snowfall or blizzard in English.

“I think it ties into the local theme with snow and lake effect and a lot of those types of names were taken already by other breweries around the country. I think Drifa also ties into the local Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish heritage in this area. And what's really powerful is it's unique. There's no other brewing company in the country with that name,” Wright exclaimed.

Attendees at Saturday’s party got to shop some cool apparel and were even able to see the schematics of Marquette’s newest brewery.

“We went through quite a few iterations of the design. It's pretty simple but it's set so that we can get open in the near future. It's going to be a nice brew pub available to anybody to come in. You don't have to be a member to drink at the brewery. If you are a member there are some benefits for that. But anybody can come in a drink,” Wright announced.

The first 100 members got to pick out their own free mug which will be hung in the brewery later. According to Wright, more mugs will be made available later.

Wright also says Drifa has already purchased their brewing system but the interior needs renovated before brewing can begin. There’ll be plenty of room for everyone.

“We've signed up a lot of new members today. We had a lot of original members coming in to choose their mugs and they all get to pick out the size and shape and the handle that fits correctly for them and put their name on it. We're going to store them away so that hopefully sometime next spring we can start serving beer,” Wright disclosed.

Construction on the interior of the brewery will start in January. Members should also look out for a logo completion very soon.

"Anybody can be a member. Basic membership is $99 and then you're a lifetime member it does give you some benefits. We're also looking for preferred memberships. These are people who contribute a minimum of $500 and up to $10,000. It's an investment there are returns on that. We've got the documentation for that. So that we can have a way for our members to be further invested and help the brewery to succeed,” Wright concluded.

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