Marquette Branch Prison Warden talks to Economic Club

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Monday night the Economic Club of Marquette County heard from the first female warden of the Marquette Branch Prison.

Erica Huss, originally from Ironwood, has seen her career in corrections take her from the U.P. to downstate and now back in Upper Michigan. She's been working as the warden for the Marquette Prison since 2017. Monday night she shared how connected the prison is to the local economy.

"The message tonight is that this economy and the business people in this community are what brought the prison here all those many years ago and they're the reason the prison is still here, without this thriving community and all the things that they do we couldn't be here," said Huss.

The Marquette Branch Prison employs nearly 350 people. The Econ Club meets each month during the fall and winter.
Up next in March is a discussion on the 2020 economic outlook.

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