Mom urges families to discuss social media dangers after her 11-year-old son dies

Published: Apr. 5, 2017 at 9:20 AM EDT
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An 11-year-old Marquette boy has died following a suicide attempt last month. Tysen Benz's mother tells TV6 that her son chose to end his own life after a social media prank that's now under investigation.

Benz's mother urges parents to talk to their kids about how precious life is and the dangers of the internet, texting and social media. Benz was on life support in Ann Arbor until he died Tuesday.

Read Katrina Goss' full statement below:

"My son Tysen Benz was an 11 year old student, athlete, comedian, friend, brother, charismatic and all around amazing child. On Tuesday March 14th he impulsively chose to end his own life as a result of a horrific act of a social media prank which is under investigation by authorities. He clung on with the help of life support until Tuesday April 4th. He has now been set free and can Rest In Peace. He was loved by everyone he knew and he will absolutely never be forgotten. Our family is completely heartbroken. I urge families to speak out, reach out and communicate with your children about life's precious gift and the dangers of the internet and texting and how telecommunications can have the same effects as speaking face to face. I want Tysen to be remembered as he was and all the joy he's brought to everyone. Keep his spirit alive by standing strong & fighting against social media bullying!!"