Marinette Menominee prepares for Small Business Revolution to announce top 5

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MARINETTE, Wisc. (WLUC) - We are one day away from the show Small Business Revolution announcing the top five towns for their new season. Marinette Menominee is as positive as ever that they will make the cut.

"We are confident that not only will we be elevated to the top five, but we anticipate on the 26th of February that we will learn we are the top town,” Business owner Kim Brooks said.

The decision will be announced early in the morning on Tuesday. Then the town will have just eight days to collect the votes to be the top town.

"We need everybody to vote every day on every device you have from every email address you have,” Brooks said. “We need you more importantly to encourage anyone you know. This is global, it doesn't matter where your friends and family are. Warm them up, let them know this is coming. Do that now."

Even if they're not the final town chosen, they say that is okay. Both communities have already gained so much from just being nominated and this whole experience.

"I think that we have greatly benefited already from just going through the process, but our goal is to build a more vibrant community,” Brook said. “Not just here in Marinette Menominee, but throughout the region."

"Being in two towns across the river has not necessarily been our strength before, but through this process it is,” another Marinette business owner Keith Killen said. “So when we find out, we intend to move forward with all the momentum we have to accomplish all of those things."

The town is hosting a viewing party Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. to find out if they made the cut.

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