March for Our Lives made its way into Iron Mountain

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Many Iron Mountain citizens participated in the nationwide March for Our Lives Saturday morning.

Supporters started gathering behind city hall around 10:30 this morning. The march was intended to call on elected officials to enforce stricter gun laws including background checks and the banning of military style assault weapons to help protect the U.P. from the all too common school shootings.

"It makes me nervous," Amber Grassinger, a mother of two participating in the march, told TV6. "I do support the Second Amendment that is fine, but if it's not to protect your home or to hunt, there is only one other thing that guns are good for and that makes me scared."

Not everyone agreed with that mindset leading to participants running into an opposing group at the end of their march.

Both sides were able to have a peaceful conversation, coming to the agreement that we do need to find a way to make schools safer for our students just disagreeing on how that can happen.

Christine Montgomery was also present with her family, saying she wanted to make school safer but that taking away guns was not the way to do that.

"Banning an AR-15 or a bomb stock is not going to stop anything, the same way making heroin illegal is not stopping the heroin epidemic," she said.

Both supporters and those opposed remind citizens to get out and vote for elected officials who support their ideas.

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