Manistique Township area residents addressing speed concerns on US-2

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 8:27 PM EST
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Concerned citizens met on Monday at a Manistique Township meeting to discuss how to lower the speed limit on US-2.

Now, an amendment to change speed limits in vehicular access points is underway.

Residents upset with the 65 mph speed limit brought their thoughts to the Schoolcraft County Road Commission. Because US-2 is a state highway, it's out of the commission's hands.

However, Senator Ed McBroom and Representative Sarah Cambensy were both asked to attend the meeting to offer insight on how to make the necessary changes.

The Sault Tribe, township officials from Manistique Township and Thompson Township, the Schoolcraft County Road Commission and members of the general public will all be working on the amendment to propose to Lansing.

"The benefit to dropping the speed limit is beyond just public ease for it. There's a lot of safety concerns involved. We have areas where firetrucks and EMS need to get on to the intersections of US-2 and there's a lot of blind spots, and they can't get up to speed that they need to be in a 65 mile an hour zone," says Jean Frankovich, managing director of the Schoolcraft County Road Commission.

There is no timeline on a proposal date yet, but the group has begun work on finding necessary details and data points.

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