Male testosterone dropping more rapidly

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's natural for men to lose some of their testosterone as they age, but studies show men are losing their testosterone quicker these days than ever before.

"Male menopause is really the feminization of males. It's men becoming females," said Motions Fitness Owner Mike Koskiniemi.

All men over the age of 30 lose their testosterone as they age. However, today some experts are warning that men are quickly losing their masculinity, biologically speaking, faster than ever before.

"The 20-year-old males of today have half the testosterone their fathers had when they were 20. It's getting severe,” said Koskiniemi. “It's been happening like that generation over generation. But now we're at the worst state that men have been at."

Some symptoms of male menopause are excessive fatigue, loss of strength and vitality, and being overweight with male breast tissue.

"Apparently my body was creating the correct amount of testosterone, but it was creating more than necessary estrogen,” said Motions Client Ty Hartung. “My body was retaining more estrogen, which is the female hormone."

This excessive amount of estrogen is coming from multiple sources: lack of proper sleep, overconsumption of alcohol, especially beer, and high carbohydrate intake.

"Another big one is nutrient deficiency,” Koskiniemi said. “No one is getting any of the nutrients they need these days. Specifically, D3, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Magnesium."

Besides poor diet and lack of sleep, another contributing factor in the rise of estrogen are water bottles and plastics that have been heated. Synthetic estrogens are produced and consumed.

The best way to regain testosterone is to get adequate sleep, decrease alcohol and carbohydrate consumption, and avoid drinking fluids from heated plastics. If you want more information on rebuilding male testosterone, click here.

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