MTU's Winter Wonderhack

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Michigan Tech's own MLH, Major League Hacking sanctioned Hack-a-Thon wrapped up this morning.

"Winter Wonderhack is an invention marathon it's a, make anything you want, whatever is your passion," one of the Winterhack organizers Nat Shapiro said.

Around 170 students participated either solo or in teams in the lobby of the Rozsa.

Organizers provided a place to catch a nap, swag to take home, prizes and food, and apparently, the number of pizzas they went through, was 42.

Contrary to popular belief, hacking doesn't refer to remotely cracking into a computer.

"Hack in the old MIT definition of the word, that sense of re-purpose something old, make something work in a way that it wasn't originally intended, make something new from scratch, hack, not as in cracking, hack as in hack something up," Shapiro said.

Rules for the event expected students to create their projects completely at the event from concept to finish.

Projects ran the gamut of technical fields from software development to medical devices

Some came with their own ideas, and some took on corporate challenges.

Sponsors such as meridian health systems, ford, handshake and mor-tech design inc. attended the event, some with projects for the students to tackle.

"We're here at the "Hackathon" with some prototype vehicles that we wanted to see how well the kids could do in designing a low cost automated guided vehicle," president of Mor-Tech Dave Clark said.

Mor-Tech provided several robots for students to program.

Clark says the students who worked with their machines all came up with unique solutions.

"It's going to be very hard to choose a winner between them," Clark said.

The prototypes created over the weekend may be rough sketches now, but one day they could grow into real world solutions, and end up working along side you.

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