MTU's Winter Carnival

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HOUGHTON, Mich. - (WLUC) - This weekend is the official start of the winter carnival on the campus of Michigan Tech University

Every year since 1922, Houghton has come alive with a celebration for students and the public after being stuck inside all winter.

The annual celebration of winter is a combination of outdoor sports, ice sculptures, and skits put on by campus organizations.

"Winter Carnival is a time to gather in the snow like we are today and freeze our faces off," President of MTU's Blue Key Honor Society, Bradley Torni said. "You can't really find this anywhere else in the U.S. there's not really any other college campus that has students outside working on statues for all night."

So far for the carnival, students have painted windows, started their month-long ice sculptures and played other competition sports like, according to Torni, "Playing broomball, playing snow volleyball, curling, ice bowling there's tons of events that go on."

The iconic month-long ice sculptures are already starting to take shape.

The over-night competition starts Wednesday afternoon and a beards competition is scheduled for Thursday, but with all these competitions, how will they be judged?

"I'm Winter Carnival Queen for 2017, my name is Amber Toboyek," Toboyek said. "I get to judge statues, the month long and all nighter statues, i get to present the MVP award at the hockey game this Friday night."

Chemical engineering senior Toboyek represents Alpha Gamma Delta, and wasn't sure what to think when she won.

"I don't know what was going on through my mind, nothing was i was just so happy i was excited i couldn't believe that my name was called that I won," Toboyek said.

Another event coming up this week is the annual stage review.

"On Thursday night is stage review February 9th at 7pm." Torni said. "That's where a bunch of organizations get together and put on some skits. We do brand it as college humor so there is it is a little bit more adult humor."

Between family friendly competitions, and humor for when the kids go to bed, the Winter Carnival is ready to sweep away the winter blues.

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